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May 4, 2016
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Staying Humble

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Respect and humility are the keystones of civilized society, we are all nicely served by being decent to one another and comprehend our own personal limitations. No matter the things we accomplish, the success we achieve o the things that we build, it is vital to stay humble. No one, no matter how many degrees they have earned, how much money they have, staying humble gives us a chance to grow as individuals and as a society, it keeps us careful and curious, it makes us a good human being.
Ego and arrogance are wrecking balls, we all must remain down to earth in reality, comprehending that most of us really know very little, and that our landmark achievements are only the short moments in the history of our world. As soon as you make your mind that you know everything, you actually become ignorant to all the new perspectives and information that are constantly being evolving and introduced everyday. The best and smartest of us listen to everything they hear from respected and claimed authorities. Then those individuals have the caliber to process all of that knowledge and make a right decision.
The other issue with ignorance and arrogance is that once you start to act like you are better then someone else, that other individual will stop interacting with you. For many this may looks like a small loss as you obviously think that you are better than this individual, so the absence of their company is not felt. But life is unpredictable and people are surprising, so sometimes the lowest amongst us can make the big difference to the life or achieve the great results. People change, none of us know about the future and tomorrow the poor can be rich and the rich can be poor.
Pride and ego will always hurt us, they are misleading attributes that serve solely to segregate and erode. Stay humble, comprehending the reality of not knowing will only help you to expand your personal knowledge and world. It will assist you and those around you to be a good and better people. The moment you feel like you know everything is the moment you stop learning.

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